Skip Bayless Finds New Excuse To Hate LeBron James Even More

LeBron James had many upset on Sunday night as he leveled an elbow to the face of Isaiah Stewart of the Detroit Pistons. This was a play that led to quite a bit of debauchery as Stewart attempted to chase LeBron down on the court. It took three separate instances before the Pistons could get Stewart to calm down, and in the end, both LeBron and Stewart were assessed suspensions. LeBron was given one game all while Stewart got two.

Of course, Skip Bayless has been all over this issue, as yesterday, he said that LeBron needs to be suspended, all while calling James a dirty player. Now that LeBron has been suspended, Skip is using this as the perfect opportunity to further his anti-LeBron agenda. Honestly, you got to respect just how shameless Skip truly is.