Giants Fire Jason Garrett After Just 26 Games

During his tenure with the Dallas Cowboys, there were various times in which fans called for the firing of Jason Garrett. The former Cowboys head coach was simply unable to do much with the team despite all of the talents they had. Despite this, team owner Jerry Jones was a huge fan of Garrett and it essentially bought the head coach some time as Jones refused to fire him. Eventually, however, this came to an end in 2020, when Garrett was finally let go.

For the last year and some change, Garrett has been working with the New York Giants, as an offensive coordinator. His campaign with the team last year did not inspire much success and after a 3-7 start this season, the Giants have simply had enough. With an average of just 18.9 points per game, the Giants decided to fire Garrett today, which means he only lasted a grand total of 26 games in New York.