Malcolm X's Daughter, Malikah Shabazz, Found Dead At Home: Report

Days after two men were exonerated in the case of her father’s 1965 murder, Malikah Shabazz has reportedly passed away. This is breaking news so, at the moment, there does not seem to be much information about the death of Malcolm X’s daughter, but we’ve gathered what we could find. We previously reported on Muhammad A. Aziz and Khalil Islam, two of the three men convicted of X’s murder, having their cases overturned following a two-year investigation into the convictions.

Aziz was paroled in 1985 after spending 22 years behind bars, and Islam died in prison in 2009. The timing of Shabazz’s death has already gotten conspiracy theorists typing away online but ABC 7 New York reports that “the death does not appear suspicious.”