Nike Air Max 95 Receives Spring-Ready Pastels: Photos

One of the best shoes of the mid-90s was the Nike Air Max 95. With dad shoes making a huge comeback, the Nike Air Max 95 has proven to be a solid cop for fans, and with Nike looking to be more inclusive, they have created some new colorways for the female sneakerheads out there. These colorways are arguably better than some of the men’s offerings, and the latest Nike Air Max 95 to be revealed is perhaps an example of that.

In the official images below, you can find a shoe that is covered in some soft pastel tones that make up the rings that go around the silhouette. The colors here are yellow, green, blue, and pink which makes these perfect for the spring, albeit, no one is really thinking about the sunshine right now, especially with Christmas around the corner. Either way, these are some fun shoes and they will be a solid cop for when things get brighter outside.