Travis Scott's Nike Air Max 1 Collab Delayed Following Astroworld Tragedy

Last weekend, tragedy struck at Travis Scott’s AstroFest as 10 attendees have now been declared dead. With so many people packed into a tight space, it was very difficult for people to move, and it led to some being trampled over, all while others passed out from the heat and lack of air. Many are still in shock from the events that transpired and moving forward, Scott will have to face numerous lawsuits given what went down.

As for any product related to Scott, fans and casual consumers aren’t exactly checking for that right now. In light of this, Nike has decided to pull its Nike Air Max 1 collab with Scott, for the time being. The shoe was supposed to come out on December 16th, however, it has been delayed indefinitely.

“Out of respect for everyone impacted by the tragic events at the Astroworld Festival, we are…

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