Travis Scott's Attorney Speaks Out, Says Rapper Didn't Realize Scope Of Tragedy Until Next Day

Following the tragedy last week at Astroworld Festival, for which the death toll has reached 9 after 22-year-old university student Bharti Shahani passed away from her injuries on Thursday, rapper Travis Scott’s attorney Edwin F. McPherson has issued a statement via GMA, claiming that his client didn’t know the scope of the tragedy until the following day.

It has been widely reported that nine people died at Astroworld Festival in Houston, Texas a week ago, and hundreds more were injured in a crowd surge. Travis’ attorney issued a statement on Thursday, offering support to the victims’ families and providing a contact for them to reach out to the rapper’s team. On Friday, Attorney McPherson appeared on GMA to address questions about Travis’ involvement in the surge.

Scott’s attorney said that authorities are looking to get to the bottom of what happened before pointing fingers, but he did say that the “mass casualty” declaration never made it to Travis or anybody on his team.

“It absolutely did not,” he said. “In fact, we’ve seen footage of police half an hour later just walking about and not looking like it was a mass casualty event. But the important thing is that never got to Travis, it never got to Travis’ crew. He’s up there trying to perform, he does not have any ability to know what’s going on down below, certainly on a mass level.”