Astroworld Fest: Venue's Liability Insurance Totals $26M For Lawsuits

More information emerges each hour about the tragedy that occurred at Astroworld festival where eight people died in a deadly crowd surge. Fans of Scott have called for his cancellation while the families of the victims have demanded someone be held accountable for their actions. The lawsuits have been piling on, too. The rapper has been named in over 30 lawsuits but new information regarding the venue’s liability insurance reveals that the potential judgments might ultimately put a strain on his pockets. 

Image via HNHH. Photo shot by @frankievergara_

TMZ obtained NRG Park’s Certificate of Liability that was filed to the city of Houston ahead of the Astroworld Festival. Under the liability policy, the venue has insurance that totals $26M — less than the potential total of judgments that could come. The policy includes $1M in primary coverage with a $25M umbrella. However, with the number of lawsuits being filed against NRG Park, the venue would be on the hook for anything exceeding the policy limit, if there isn’t any additional coverage.