Skip Bayless Hits Russell Westbrook With Hilariously Unnecessary Diss

Skip Bayless is one of the biggest haters on sports television and while he mostly takes shots at LeBron James, he has found another target this year. That target just so happens to be another Los Angeles Lakers superstar in Russell Westbrook.Russ has struggled mightily so far this season and things have only gotten worse as last night, he went 1-13 from the field as the Lakers got blown out by the Portland Trail Blazers.

Skip took the opportunity to roast Westbrook last night, and some of his shots were fairly unnecessary in a pretty hilarious way. As you will see in one of the tweets below, Bayless spoke to Westbrook’s struggles before randomly throwing out the fact that Westbrook just had a documentary about himself released to the public. Needless to say, Skip was looking for any way to discredit the Lakers star.