Netflix Employees Protesting Chappelle's "The Closer" Receive Celebrity Support

As promised, dozens of Netflix employees have walked out in protest. This controversy arose amid debates regarding Dave Chappelle’s The Closer standup special and the response to his jokes. The famed comedian has been met with backlash over his TERF admissions and transphobic remarks. His fans have argued that Chappelle was painting a bigger picture than what people are recognizing, while the comedian’s critics had rebutted that they understand what Chappelle was trying to communicate, however, they disagree with his methods.

Netflix has repeatedly stated that they stand by Chappelle and his jokes, arguing in a memo that what is said in entertainment does not translate to real-world violence against any community.

Netfix Protest
Al Seib / Contributor / Getty Images

Still, several Netflix employees staged a walkout in defiance and have been protesting throughout the day. Images and videos of the event have been shared throughout social media and have been met with support from several celebrities including Wanda Sykes, Elliot Page, Dan Levy, and more.

“Standing in solidarity with the Netflix employees speaking truth to power…

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