Pooh Shiesty Asks Judge To Throw Out Evidence From When He Was 11 & 14 In Armed Robbery Case

For the first half of 2021, it was really Shiesty Season. 

Pooh Shiesty, a 21-year-old rapper from Memphis, Tennessee, had just dropped his debut commercial mixtape Shiesty Season, and was still riding incredibly high off the success of his November, 2020 record “Back In Blood”, which features Lil Durk and was being played all over, all the time.

Unfortunately, as a result of an alleged incident that took place back in October, 2020, the “Guard Up” rapper saw his impressive 2021 run cut short, when he surrendered himself to the police back in June. Since then, Shiesty has been behind bars and gearing up for trial to defend himself against allegations of armed robbery and shooting a man in the butt. As time has gone on, speculation has shifted from Shiesty being freed sooner rather than later, to Shiesty facing 20 years behind bars,…

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