Drake Unfollows Kanye West After 5 Years

We may have reached another rough patch in the relationship between Drake and Kanye West Ye. Following both of their album releases, curious fans went through Ye and Drake’s social media pages to try and get a sense of where they were at in their friendship. For five years, despite their longstanding perceived feud, Drake has followed Ye on Instagram. On Monday though, it was revealed that that was no longer the case.

After Ye officially debuted his new (much-buzzed-about) haircut on Instagram, fans quickly looked to see his followers, scrolling through millions of usernames and searching to reinforce their narratives about who the living legend artist is friends with. While Drake has been mentioned in headlines this year about his supposed feud with Ye, it appears as though there may be some real problems brewing because, after five years of following him, Drizzy has finally hit the “unfollow” button on Ye.