Bhad Bhabie Called Out For New Video Look: "She Went From 14 To 35 Quick"

Pop culture phenomenon Danielle Bregoli, also known by her rap name Bhad Bhabie, has been in the public eye for the last half-decade and she’s battled all kinds of hateful, disrespectful, and trolling messages from critics. Recently, she has fought back body shamers telling her to gain weight, arguing that she’s at a healthy weight for her height. Throughout it all, she hasn’t lost her signature loud-mouth attitude, going off periodically against trolls on social media. We’re expecting another quick-witted response from Bhad Bhabie, because after reading the comments on her latest TikTok upload, it looks like a lot of people are passing judgment, yet again, on the way the teenage star looks.

Bragging on TikTok, Bhad Bhabie joked that she’s the top earner in her family despite being the “disappointment of the family.” She carried Chanel purses and stacks of cash in her hands, wearing heavy make-up and a new wig. Her look came under scrutiny from fans, who said she looked like a different woman.

Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

“She looking real different like who is this,” said one person when The Shade Room reposted the video. “She look like a karen now,” observed another. “She went to 14 to 35 quick,” joked one more critic. 

On her own post, the comments got even messier. “When did she change races?”…

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