Toni Braxton's Elimination From "The Masked Singer" Upsets Fans

Fox Networks’ The Mask Singer is a celebrity talent-based program where celebrity contestants’ fates are determined by the audience. Each episode, after observing a full slate of contestants, audience members are given the autonomy to eliminate a single contestant they feel underperformed. The mystery and suspense that comes from guessing which celebrity is underneath the mask is a foundational element of The Masked Singer. What should not be minimized by theatrics is the fact that contestants’ vocal proficiency is the deciding factor in whether or not contestants are successful. So naturally, when Toni Braxton, who has sold over 70 million records, won seven Grammys and is one of R&B’s most decorated female artists, got booted from the show last night, fans were outraged.

Notable names who were eliminated from the show’s premiere episode also include Future NBA Hall of Famer Dwight Howard (Octopus Costume) and American actress Vivica A Fox (Mother Nature Costume). In the second episode from the two-night premiere, fans also decided that they had had enough of a certain celebrity dressed in Pufferfish garb. This Purfferfish gave scintillating performances to the tunes of Doja Cat’s “Say So,” Dua Lipa’s “Levitating,” and even moon-lighted as DaBaby by rapping at a break-neck pace on the same track. Unfortunately, the audience found this versatile display of vocal-talent to be underwhelming and voted her out.

After the voting takes place, the contestants are brought to the stage and both the audience and viewers are able to see which celebrities are underneath which costumes. So, who was this unlucky Pufferfish you might ask? The answer is none other than the R&B legend: Toni Braxton. Prior to the un-masking, host Nick Cannon warned that after revealing the true identity of the Pufferfish, both fans and judges may be unsatisfied with the outcome. The judges and the audience were in utter shock upon finding out it was Toni Braxton all along, while fans all over…

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