Kodak Black Extends Olive Branch To Jackboy After WizDaWizard's Death

Kodak Black doesn’t want to lose another one of his friends while they’re on bad terms, so he’s trying to get things right with Jackboy — one of the artists that he’s seen the most success with. The Sniper Gang representative has been feuding with Kodak for the last few months, but after the passing of WizDaWizard, another of Kodak’s artists, Yak is hoping that his issues with Jack will dissipate.

Last night, Kodak extended an olive branch to Jackboy after months of heated battles on Instagram Live and elsewhere. 

“Fucked Up Feeling When You Can’t Even Explain How You Feel & Even When You Do Or Try To You Get Judged By Your Feelings,” wrote the Florida rapper on Twitter. “Then, Funerals Turn To Photoshoots You Can’t Even Grieve In Peace. Let’s Use This As a Wakeup Call @Jackboy.. Shit Get Real Krazy Real Kwik Out Here, Unexpectedly! & Fuck This Distance Love N***a Come Give Me a Hug N***a.”

John Parra/Getty Images

Jackboy and Kodak previously hopped on a call about a month ago, where Kodak asked Jack not to hang up on him off the jump. 


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