Lamar Jackson Reacts To Finally Defeating The Chiefs

Lamar Jackson has been one of the most unfairly criticized quarterbacks in quite some time. While his throwing capabilities still need work, his skill set is enough to make him one of the best players in the league right now. He can run the ball better than most running backs, and when it comes to his football IQ, he is extremely good at knowing what his best skills are, and using them to his advantage. Despite all of this, Jackson still catches flack for having not beaten teams like the Chiefs, all while struggling in the postseason.

Last night, Jackson had an opportunity to prove his doubters wrong as his depleted roster took on the Chiefs. After going down 35-24 in the third quarter, Jackson mounted an impressive comeback and eventually led the team to a game-winning drive with just a few minutes remaining. After the Chiefs fumbled the ball, Jackson and the Ravens were able to secure the win, much to the delight of head coach John Harbaugh.