Air Jordan 11 Low IE "Bred" Returning Soon: Official Photos

Throughout the history of Jordan Brand, there are certain silhouettes that have gotten a whole family of models that complement the original offering. For example, the Air Jordan 11 has offshoot versions like the Air Jordan 11 Low and the Air Jordan 11 Low IE. The Low IE has some pretty interesting lore and it also has some great offerings, including the OG “Bred” model that fans have been clamoring for. This year, it was announced that the shoe would make a comeback, and now, the official images are finally here.

As you can see from the photos below, the shoe has that classic black leather upper with some red near the cuff. These elements come together to create a solid colorway that is unquestionably reminiscent of the OG that fans hold so dearly to their hearts. This is the 25th anniversary of the Air Jordan 11 which means there is no better time to drop this kind of shoe.