The Rock Reacts To Police Officer Who Looks Like His Identical Twin

Celebrity lookalikes keep on going viral. Recently, we’ve seen Snoop Dogg’s doppelgänger, Cardi B’s “twin,” and other celebrity lookalikes go viral on social media, and lately, a man has been catching people’s attention solely for the fact that he looks identical to Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson.

One of the most electrifying wrestlers of all time, and presently one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood, Dwayne Johnson is unmistakable when you catch him on the street. If you don’t recognize his face, you won’t miss his gigantic muscles. This weekend, police officer Eric Fields posted a picture of himself and the internet instantly remarked how similar he looks to The Rock, and now the WWE hall-of-famer is reaching out to stage a meeting with his lookalike.