Blueface Does A Backflip After Completing Crate Challenge

The latest craze on the internet is the viral Crate Challenge, in which participants stack up a pyramid of milk crates before attempting to walk over them without falling off. Because of how unstable the crates can be, it’s been deemed a dangerous challenge, and many rappers have wiped out as they tried it out. Most recently, we watched DDG successfully complete the trend, while YK Osiris failed miserably. DDG’s “Moonwalking In Calabasas” collaborator Blueface also flexed his footwork and weight distribution as he gave the challenge a try in his backyard, and he became the latest rapper to officially complete the goal.

Maury Phillips/Getty Images

While many are saying that Blueface used larger crates than most other people, he still managed to impress with his #CrateChallenge video, which was posted to social media. He finished the course in less than a minute, meaning he officially has a faster time than DDG. Plus, once he finished walking across the crates, he jumped onto his fence and did a backflip off of it, adding even more spice to the video.