Spike Lee Fuels 9/11 Conspiracy Theories: "I Got Questions"

Conspiracy theories surrounding the September 11th attacks on the Twin Towers are still running high, even as we approach the 20-year anniversary. Spike Lee’s forthcoming project, New York Epicenters: 9/11-2021½, is a four-part docuseries that dissect the tragic events of that day. People like Mayor Bill De Blasio and AOC make appearances in the film but it’s the group of conspiracy theorists Lee decided to include in the project that’s raised concern.

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images 

Lee himself recently explained that he doesn’t fully believe the “official explanations” of the attacks during an interview with the New York Times. “I mean, I got questions — and I hope that maybe the legacy of this documentary is that Congress holds a hearing, a congressional hearing about 9/11,” he said.