Halle Berry Hit With Lawsuit From UFC's Cat Zingano Over "Bruised" Film: Report

It was nearly two weeks ago when we reported on Halle Berry’s upcoming film Bruised, but before it has even hit Netflix, the feature has caused the actor to experience legal troubles. Bruised makes for Berry’s Netflix directorial debut and follows the story of a mixed martial arts fighter named Jackie Justice, but a real-life contender alleges that Berry caused her to miss out on career opportunities.

According to TMZ, former UFC fighter Cat Zingano claims that back in the Summer of 2019, Berry told her that she would be a good fit for for the film.

They reportedly made an agreement that Zingano should “keep her schedule clear” just in case filming began, but according to the fighter, she was soon approached by the UFC with a significant fight offer. Zingano claims that she told Berry about the possible deal and the actor allegedly said if she wants to star in Bruised, she would have to pass on the fight. It all boiled down to the film’s insurance policy so Zingano went ahead and told the UFC that she would not participate.

However, things took a turn for Zingano after she told Berry of her decision. Zingano was reportedly ready for her big break in the film, yet Berry allegedly told her that the movie would only consider current UFC fighters, and if she is no longer in…

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