Lupe Fiasco Has Made His "Illmatic"

Some call it their magnum opus. Others call it their Citizen Kane. For Lupe Fiasco, Illmatic represents the highest echelon of artistic quality.

Today, Lu excited his loyal fans with a promising declaration. Indeed, he has officially wrapped up his own Illmatic. At least, that’s what he believes, vowing that his statement is far from “cap” as can be. “I’m not exaggerating at all either,” he adds, facing claims that he was, in fact, exaggerating. A further clarification: “Correction: me and @Soundtrakk‘s Illmatic…” writes Lupe, confirming that producer Soundtrakk would be helming the album in its entirety. 

Lupe Fiasco

Gladys Vega/Getty Images

For those wondering as to whether or not Lupe managed to complete his album in his self-appointed twenty-four-hour…

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