Ice-T Gives "Less Than A F" About Opinions On His & Wife Coco's Parenting

He will always step in to defend his family against naysayers and critics, and after Ice-T’s wife Coco Austin spoke about her bathing choices, his timeline was flooded with trolls. The happily married couple first tied the knot back in 2002 and renewed their vows nearly 10 years later, and they live a relatively unproblematic life with their adorable five-year-old daughter, Chanel Nicole.

Recently, there has been an increasing number of celebrities who have come forward to say that they don’t bathe on a daily basis and Coco added her name to the list. “I do what’s needed. My hair—I wash my hair every four days,” she told E!’s Daily Pop. “Yeah, but when I’m feeling icky, I’ll get in the shower. Whether that’s every day, that may be, but that could be every three days. I kinda keep myself clean, though. Like, if I feel like my pits smell or something, I just take some washcloths and some soap to it. I might not have to clean my whole body.”