Summer Valentine Speaks On Her Creative Process, The Benefit Of Collaboration, & More

HNHH recently connected with Sprite for the ongoing Live From The Label series, which aims to highlight emerging talent through a series of livestream concerts. Centered around three headlining shows from Saweetie, Latto, and Jack Harlow, each performance will feature an up-and-coming opening act, with the aim of catapulting their careers up another rung in the ladder.

With Live From The Label set to continue on Thursday, August 12th with a headlining set by Saweetie, her opening act will be Summer Valentine, a Philadelphia artist who has much to say about her journey living through music. We had the chance to catch up with her ahead of her upcoming performance for a special Sprite edition of On The Come Up

“At the time I started my solo music career, it was really just about being me,” she explains, opening up about her musical influences. “Finding who I was within the music. The city definitely had an impact on how I sounded and what I said, mostly because all my supporters, I grew up with them…The city’s passion spilled through my music. Going out to the roller skate rink in the summer…I took different qualities I heard or experienced and put it through myself.” 

Insofar as her own favorite artists, she gives a shout-out to Bruno Mars, Beyonce, and her favorite artist of all time — Drake. She also has love for the bars, giving props to Big Sean — whom she deems “a lyrical beast,” as well as Eminem. Perhaps there’s something about Detroit emcees that speaks to her creativity. 

Summer also reveals some insight into her creative process, speaking on what makes a productive studio session. “My creative process stems from how I’m…

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