Jim Jones Addresses Wack 100 & 6ix9ine Drama: "I Put A Whole Coast On"

One thing is for sure: Tekashi 6ix9ine knows how to stir the pot. After ranting about Jim Jones and Mel Matrix on Clubhouse days ago, social media drama erupted. 6ix9ine wanted to know why the Dipset icon wasn’t behind bars for allegedly calling for the controversial rapper to be “violated,” and Wack 100 reportedly added his voice to the conversation by demanding Jones provide paperwork that he isn’t a snitch.

Jones has been enjoying the days following his monumental appearance on Verzuz as Dipset and The LOX celebrated their catalogs with the world, so it is understandable that when he surfaced on Clubhouse to address the accusations against him, he was a tad frustrated, to say the least.

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“I stand tall for everything I believe in. I always have. No matter what,” said Jones. “I’ve been around this whole world. F*ck the country, n*gga. Rockin’ my same colors. Can’t nobody tell me anything, n *gga. You know how we move in New York City, n*gga. I put a whole coast on. I let a whole coast eat. I put this sh*t in the sky, n*gga. The same way Snoop [Dogg] put the sh*t in the sky, I put the sh*t in the sky, n*gga.”

Another person on the panel criticized Wack 100 for moving “like…

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