2 Travelers Hit With Colossal Fines For Using Faking Vaccine Cards To Get Into Canada

Sometimes you end up paying way more on the backend for trying to cut corners on the frontend, and two Canadian airline passengers recently found that out the hard way. When leaving the United States and entering Canada, the travelers submitted fabricated COVID-19 vaccination cards and COVID-19 test results, and they also failed to follow the Canadian government’s requirement of utilizing government-authorized accommodations. As a result, they were hit with massive fines that they may very well struggle to pay.

According to Complex, the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) has punished the Canadian citizens for being “non-compliant with entry requirements” by dishing out four fines for each traveler. As a result, both of them will have to individually cough up a total of $19,720 (roughly $16,000 USD).