Fetty Wap Trends After Viral Tweet Compares Him To Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo has become a pop sensation this year with her debut album continuing to dominate the charts, and some fans have found her career trajectory similar to one particular rap star, comparing her to Fetty Wap.

“Who had the more dominant debut year?” asked a music fan on Twitter, sharing photos of Olivia Rodrigo and Fetty Wap. The post ended up getting a lot of attention, being retweeted nearly ten thousand times with other music lovers weighing in. Especially following Fetty’s performance at Rolling Loud this weekend, where the crowd was singing along to every word of his songs, it’s clear that the rapper had a significant impact on our lives. But did he have a stronger debut than the Disney queen? According to the replies to this post, yes, he did.

“If you choose Olivia imma just assume u 12,” wrote a commenter in their own viral response. “Fetty Wap had 10 year olds shouting ‘1738’ without any reason,” added another person,¬†hitting the original tweet with a strong ratio. “Fetty Wap, Steph Curry and ISIS literally ran the world in 2015,” joked somebody else.

Clearly, people are still rooting for Fetty Wap to return with his trademark sound. On Monday night, the rapper reacted to all of the love, telling his fans that he’ll be back in no time with a new project.

So, who do you think had the better debut year? Fetty Wap or Olivia Rodrigo?

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