Chris Brown Cops Insane Magnetic Gold Grills

Chris Brown has seen a lot of success throughout his career and when you make a lot of money, you might as well spend it on the things that make you happy. Over the course of his time in the music industry, Brown has been known to cop some extravagant pieces of clothing while also getting himself some nice jewelry. Brown has been a particular fan of grills, as he tends to wear them on a regular basis. As a result of his love for grills, Brown has become closer to his dentist, and they are always trying to push the limits together.

A prime example of this came just a few days ago as Brown’s dentist Thomas Connelly made a lengthy post on Instagram about a brand new piece he designed specifically for Brown. The piece in question is a pair of magnetic gold grills that cost the artist $100k. What makes these special is the fact that the grills connect to his magnetic molars which ultimately makes it easier for him to talk and sing at the same time.