Kiely Williams Claims Naturi Naughton Called Her Mother A "B*tch"

We’re not quite sure what this scandal is called—Chickengate, we’re sure—but the food-flying argument that allegedly occurred between the former members of 3LW continues to be a hot topic of conversation. Currently, BET’s show The Encore is in the thick of its first season where they placed several hitmaking R&B veterans in a house with the hopes of forming a mega-girl group. Kiely Williams from 3LW has been at odds with ex-groupmate Naturi Naughton for years, with the latter accusing Williams of throwing a plate of chicken in her face before kicking her out of a vehicle.

What really happened during this years-old fight will forever remain a mystery, but the altercation was brought up once again on The Encore. “I didn’t throw chicken at anybody,” Kiely said on the show. “The chicken was in my hand but if you call my mother a b*tch, I’m throwing whatever.”