John McAfee's Wife Suggests His Suicide Letter Is Fake

There’s been a lot of theories surrounding the death of John McAfee who authorities said died of an apparent suicide. McAfee was found dead in his prison cell in Spain where he was waiting to be extradited to the United States on tax charges. However, there’s still a lot of questions remaining about his death. His wife, Janice McAfee, previously revealed that she had doubts about his death. She explained that John showed no suicidal tendencies before pointing to the U.S. government as the true culprit.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Earlier today, she took to Twitter where she revealed an apparent suicide letter from McAfee that was found in his pocket at the tie of his death. The letter is difficult to read due to the penmanship but there are a few phrases that can be made out. “I am a phantom parasite,” it reads at the top of the page. “I want to control my future, which does not exist,” it reads later on.