BIA Breaks Down Her Ethnicity After Fans Say She's "Not Black"

Rapper BIA is having her moment right now. The 29-year-old recording artist has been bubbling for a minute and last week, she scored her latest major hit record with the “WHOLE LOTTA MONEY” remix featuring the one-and-only Nicki Minaj. The special part about this remix is that Nicki didn’t phone in her verse — she gave it her all and innovated on the track, going back-and-forth with BIA and bringing a real mixtape vibe to the record.

As the remix continues to be BIA’s top-performing song at the moment, she’s been attracting more attention than usual. Touted as the next artist to blow in the hip-hop world, fans cracked down on her personal life and found some photos that don’t paint her in the best light. When a viral tweet suggested that she’s “not Black,” the rapper felt as though she needed to clear up the confusion with her ethnicity before continuing to elevate.