Jack Harlow Feels "Blessed To Have A Voice" As A White Rapper In This Era Of Rap

It’s common to see White rappers stake their claim in the industry and even excel above their Black counterparts. While it’s still a polarizing discussion that often ignites conversations about skill, style, and authenticity, fans have celebrated artists of all backgrounds in the Rap game for decades. Jack Harlow is Generation Now’s hitmaker that was steadily growing his buzz over the past few years, but when his breakout “What’s Poppin” dominated social media, the Kentucky native’s star reached new heights. 

There was a debate among Rap fans this year after the BET Awards released their nominations, showing that Harlow had received three nods while other popular Black artists weren’t recognized. In a recent chat with Yahoo, Harlow spoke about being accepted within the Rap fold by his Black peers, as well as fans who have embraced his talents.