Floyd Mayweather Trolls Conor McGregor Over His Broken Leg

Everyone saw the horrific ankle injury that Conor McGregor suffered in his title card fight against Dustin Poirier during UFC 264. It should be safe to say that most people would not want to see it again. Yet, boxing hall of famer Floyd Mayweather had other ideas, mocking the MMA star’s gruesome injury on Instagram yesterday.

For those fortunate enough to not have seen the fight, McGregor and Poirier went at it for a high-octane round of fighting in which Poirier seemed to assume comfortable control for most of it, keeping McGregor pinned for the majority of the round. In a last ditch effort to get some good licks in before the end of the round, McGregor propped himself up and severely twisted his left ankle while planting to strike, resulting in a clean break that was enough to stop the fight, awarding Poirier the TKO win.