Travis Scott & Meek Mill Allegedly Got Into Heated Fight At July 4 Party

Meek Mill seemingly had a pretty good time at Michael Rubin’s all-white dress code party for the Fourth of July in the Hamptons this weekend, being spotted during a tickling match with James Harden during Lil Uzi Vert’s breakdancing showdown. At another point in the lavish soirée, Meek was having significantly less fun, reportedly having a shouting match with Travis Scott according to Page Six.

While there is presently no video evidence to support the claims made by the publication, Page Six is reporting that Meek Mill and Travis Scott were at each other’s throats this weekend at the party. They reportedly were engaged in a loud verbal argument before being pulled away from each other to avoid escalation. Meek was particularly enraged, reportedly screaming as he was being pulled away from La Flame. Witnesses did not state what caused the argument.