New Jersey Man Arrested After Racist Tirade Against Neighbor Leads To Community Protest

It’s concerning to see acts of racism, from verbal harassment to police brutality, pop up around the country this Summer– though one community was delivered justice this week when racist language was met with legal trouble. According to People Magazine, Edward Mathews’, a white Mount Laurel, New Jersey resident, was arrested at his home Monday afternoon while protestors cheered the police on and threw objects at Matthews. He was charged with harassment and bias intimidation. 

The arrest came after a large protest that same day, due to a viral video of Matthews’ becoming physical with his neighbor while shouting racist slurs at her and other neighbors. 

Mathews’ neighbor initially called 911, citing she was “continually harassed by her neighbor, Edward Cagney Mathews.” 

Footage of the altercation shows Matthews yelling the N-word at his neighbors multiple times, pushing one of his neighbors, and taunting people to come to his house (he then gives out his…

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