Polo G Praises Lil Poppa; "Top 3 For The Year"

Polo G has been laying low ever since the release of his third album, Hall of Fame, just last month on June 11th. However, though he’s stated since that he believes Hall of Fame to be the best album of the year, Polo G is shedding some light on the lesser-known Lil Poppa, whose debut studio album Blessed, I Guess, released in early May. In a tweet Thursday, Polo G wrote: “Lil Poppa Easily Dropped one of the Hardest Projects I Eva Heard & Definitely top 3 for the year Bro too underrated.”

Lil Poppa’s Blessed, I Guess came after years of hovering in the underground rap scene before signing to a major label. Featuring performances from Toosii and Seddy Hendrix, the album was an immediate fan favorite but struggled to break through to the mainstream. Currently, Lil Poppa’s only track to reach over 1 million Spotify plays is his 2019 track “Eternal Living”, which featured Polo G himself. 

Polo G

Maury Phillips/Getty Images for BET

Despite Polo G’s praise, fans in the replies to his tweet have mixed reactions on the album. One fan echoes Polo G’s praise, writing “I’m sayin!! Bruh really be rappin his ass off.. project on repeat! Shit get on a song wit bro and U know that’s a hit,” while another bluntly wrote: “It was a lot better than yours.”

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