King Von's Accused Killer Lul Tim Is Starting A Rap Career

Lul Tim is infamous because of his alleged role in the fatal shooting of rapper King Von. The man, who is affiliated with Quando Rondo, was accused of firing the shot that ended King Von’s life last year, facing the wrath of the internet ever since. He was released from jail on a $100,000 bond, moving with caution in the months following his return to the streets. As he continues to be a catalyst for frustration within the hip-hop community, Lul Tim decided to switch his passion to try and live a sustainable life through more reasonable means, previewing his first new song on social media.

Self-proclaiming himself to be “the biggest opp,” Lul Tim, real name Timothy Leeks, is looking to launch a music career off the infamy he achieved through his attachment to Quando Rondo and King Von. This week, he started to tease his new music, sharing a preview of his upcoming debut single “Off The List.”