42 Dugg Divides Fans With XXL Freshman Freestyle

With this year’s XXL Freshman list, hip-hop fans aren’t necessarily expecting to be blown away with clever double-entendres and well-thought-out verses during the freestyle portion of the magazine’s rollout. Perhaps Lakeyah from Quality Control has the best opportunity to show off her lyrical skills on the microphone when her time comes. The freestyles have started to arrive with 42 Dugg kicking us off this week. So far, fans have shared their mixed reactions to his display.

While 42 Dugg has wowed the world with his recent mixtapes, as well as his unique vocal stylings and infectious whistle, the Detroit rapper isn’t known yet for his top-tier lyricism. He’s got some bars in him but the people who commented on his XXL Freshman freestyle don’t really seem to be enjoying his video, making jokes about how short the freestyle was, and more.

Some hip-hop fans are¬†criticizing XXL for sticking with the a capella format for non-lyrical rappers, like 42 Dugg, who would have a better chance to showcase their strengths over some fresh production. Much like with Lil Keed’s freestyle from last year, which didn’t do him any favors, people are divided on Dugg’s go at it, wondering what he could have done if he had a beat to guide him. Some…

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