Azealia Banks Announces New Single "Kanye West" & Teases "Fantasea 2"

It doesn’t get much more polarizing than Azealia Banks. Exceptions come around every so often but, knowing how outspoken the Harlem-bred sensation has been from the get-go, there is virtually no room for comparison. 

The rapper took to Instagram yesterday to (yet again) announce the sequel to Fantasea, her 2012 mixtape that earned nothing but a good reception. On top of the new project, Banks also mentioned a new single titled, get this, “Kanye West.” Harking back to that comment about how polarizing some people can be, that is a name that surely appears on the list of exceptions. Though presumably not a part of the title, she wrote (F*ck him all day) right below it, not to give anyone the wrong idea.