Fandango Reacts To Being Let Go By The WWE

The WWE can be a brutal business at times and over the last year, it has felt like a multitude of wrestlers have been let go from the company. Vince McMahon has been known to be a savvy businessman over the years although this can sometimes turn into some pretty hefty job losses amongst wrestlers who have made an impact on the wrestling world.

Today, the WWE let go wrestlers like Fandango, Tyler Breeze, Tony Nese, Arturo Ruas, August Grey, and a whole host of others. Fandango was the most prominent wrestler on the list as he has been with the WWE for upwards of 14 years. Fandango rose to prominence thanks to his win against Chris Jericho in his first-ever Wrestlemania, and while having to leave the WWE hurts, he is still grateful for the time he had with the company.