Scottie Pippen Believes LeBron James Won His Rings Without Help

Scottie Pippen has been coming through with some truly bizarre hot takes as of late and many NBA fans are taking notice. In a recent GQ interview, he sounded off on Doc Rivers while also making some bold claims about Phil Jackson. While these takes have come with criticism, it doesn’t look like Pippen is going to be slowing down anytime soon. In fact, Pippen took to Twitter today where he shocked fans with his opinion on LeBron James’ titles.

After having made some unique comments about Kevin Durant, Stephen A. Smith took to First Take where he noted that LeBron had help on his way to his titles. Pippen heard this and went on Twitter where he claimed that LeBron never had help. This prompted a quick response from Smith and fans who said this was preposterous. Once again, Pippen disagreed and went so far as to say that there wasn’t a second star on the Cavs in 2016.