Lakers Guard Alex Caruso Arrested At Airport Over Weed, Drug Paraphernalia: Report

On the heels of news that the NFL was dealing with their own scandal, the NBA jumped in with one of their own—well, a small one. The Los Angeles Lakers may be out of the playoffs but they’re still making headlines. Hours ago, news began to circulate that Alex Caruso, a guard for the team, was arrested at the Easterwood Airport in College Station, Texas.

Because the airport is technically on Texas A&M University property, the school’s police were contacted by TSA agents.

Alex Caruso, Arrest, Weed, Lakers
Harry How / Staff / Getty Images

According to KBTX News, agents believed they’d found drug paraphernalia in one of Caruso’s bags as he was catching a flight out. When police arrived, they allegedly located a grinder that still had marijuana residue inside so they arrested the 27-year-old NBA star. He was reportedly taken into custody “on charges of possession of marijuana, less than two ounces, and possession of drug paraphernalia.”

The Texas A&M alum was hit with a $4,200 bond which he quickly paid before being released. While cannabis laws have been lax in several cities within the U.S., the majority of the country still adheres to strict, anti-marijuana laws. Unsurprisingly, the jokes have begun pouring into social media, so check out a few reactions to Caruso’s arrest below.

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