Jalen Ramsey Sparks Outrage With LeBron-Related Kevin Durant Slander

Last night, Kevin Durant broke an NBA record by scoring 48 points in a Game 7. No player has ever done that in a Game 7 before and while it was a performance for the ages, it still wasn’t good enough to get the Nets the win. Now, Brooklyn is going home while the Milwaukee Bucks will get to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals where they await the winner of the 76ers and Hawks series.

While most fans were praising Durant for his efforts, there were some people out there who would have liked to have seen him do more. One of those people was NFL star Jalen Ramsey who just so happens to be a big LeBron James fan. In the tweet below, Ramsey took a shot at KD saying that he couldn’t run the East like LeBron did so many years ago.

“I ain’t tryna start nothing up tonight but uh.. Lebron used to run through that East wit no problem,” Ramsey said. As you can imagine, this sparked some outrage amongst numerous NBA fans as they called Ramsey out for a bad take. Ramsey added fuel to the fire by turning his replies off, which led to a ton of quote tweets from angry Nets fans.

Ramsey has had his fair share of struggles in the NFL over the past couple of years and many fans used that as an opportunity to get after him. Needless to say, some people ought to keep the hot takes to themselves.

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