Azealia Banks Body-Shames Nicki Minaj & Insinuates Drug Use

Late Thursday night, Nicki Minaj went on Instagram Live to finally reveal what she had in store for her fans. To many fans’ surprise, the Queen rapper chose to honor the 12-year anniversary of her game-changing 2009 mixtape Beam Me Up Scotty by finally uploading it to streaming services. A small number of the songs that were on the original project — including “Mind on My Money” with featuring Rihanna, Brinx, and Busta Rhymes — didn’t make the cut for the rerelease, but Nicki made up for it by treating fans with the Young Money posse cut “Seeing Green.”

In the aftermath of her live stream (which included an unexpected Drake cameo), most of the Hip-Hop community experienced pure bliss as they were able to revisit Beam Me Up Scotty on their preferred DSP. However, other fans and artists drew negatives takes from Nicki’s live stream, and most notably, one of those people was Azealia Banks. 

Never one to hold her tongue, Azealia Banks initially reacted to Nicki Minaj’s physique in the pictures leading up to the highly anticipated Instagram event. While direct messaging one of her associates, Azealia Banks absolutely rips the Young Money artist by body-shaming her and criticizing the alleged plastic surgery that she has undergone.

Screenshot of Azealia Bank's Instagram Story 5/14/2021
Azealia Banks/Instagram

“It’s giving, I f*cked my body up so much all I can fit is…

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