"JBP" Fans React To Joe Budden Firing Rory From "The Joe Budden Podcast"

Early on Wednesday morning, the seemingly reinvigorated The Joe Budden Podcast took a steep nosedive as audio from the show’s 437th episode hit the internet, and it featured Joe Budden ripping his co-hosts Rory and Mal to shreds. Earlier this year, the longtime JBP co-hosts noticeably vanished from the podcast, prompting Joe Budden to address the rumors that they had left permanently and offer insight into the tension that had been recently been growing between him and Rory.

Following roughly a full month of Mal and Rory’s absence and the contentious appearances of their fill-ins Ice and Ish, the JBP seemed to finally be back in order when Rory and Mal returned to the podcast for Episode 435: “Shaking the Tree.” Although the episode featured one of the most awkward conversations from the trio in a long time, fans were still hopeful that Joe, Rory, and Mal would move on from all of the drama that has plagued them throughout 2021.

Today, however, that all took a dark turn, as the aforementioned audio featured Joe Budden slamming Mal and full-on firing Rory from The Joe Budden Podcast. Joe Budden has since taken to Twitter to field off his critics and defend his position, yet his co-hosts have mostly remained quiet on the matter, with Rory saying nothing and Mal simply tweeting, “Good morning.” 

Of course, fans of the show as well as Twitter users, in general, are shocked by this new development, so as well all wait for more information regarding the latest JBP fallout, check out some of the best Twitter reactions below.

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