Nicki Minaj Shows Off Her Famous Booty & Teases Possible New Lyrics

Lord have mercy, Nicki Minaj is back. Like, back-back. On Monday, the superstar rapper kicked off a new era, posting a picture for the first time in months and hinting that she could have something major happening at the end of the week. Twenty-four hours have passed since the initial teaser, which was so popular that four different Nicki-related trends were popping off on Twitter simultaneously. The rapper also boosted sales for Crocs, marking a 4,900% increase in sales for the pink clogs she was wearing in the selfie. The Barbz have been going crazy trying to figure out what might be happening on Friday and now, they’ve seemingly got some new lyrics they can use as their upcoming social media captions.

Sharing a new picture for the second straight day, Nicki Minaj showed off her famous figure by crouching in a skintight minidress, arching her back and popping her booty. Her caption caught the attention of hundreds of thousands who commented instantly after the photo upload, speculating that the Queen might have just shared some of her new lyrics.