Ice Cube Explains How Kobe Bryant Is Similar To Bruce Lee

Kobe Bryant was a big fan of Bruce Lee and when it came to their mentalities, they were quite similar. Legendary rapper Ice Cube was also a big fan of Bruce Lee and he just so happened to be a good friend of Kobe Bryant. With this in mind, you can just imagine what kind of impact their deaths had on Cube. During an episode of the Getcha Popcorn Ready podcast with Terrell Owens and Matthew Hachette, Ice Cube explained what made Kobe and Lee so similar and why they were special to him.

“It’s like losing a superhero. I remember having a superhero like Bruce Lee and finding out he… you know. I put Kobe in that category in a way,” Cube said. “So it’s a great loss to our courage in a way. People like Kobe help all of us, summons the spirit in us, you know what I mean? To be the best.”