Jake Paul & 50 Cent Continue To Troll Floyd Mayweather Following "Gotcha Hat"

After Floyd Mayweather and Jake Paul got into a little scuffle at Mayweather’s press conference for his upcoming Logan Paul fight, it was only a matter of time before 50 Cent came through with the taunts. Fif and Floyd were once bosom buddies back in the day, but in recent years, they’ve been trading potshots online. The Rap mogul is known for his trolling skills and has often made a meme out of Mayweather, and this time around is no different.

Social media has kept Mayweather and the Paul brothers as trending topics on just about every platform throughout the day as the “gotcha hat” moment is replayed by the thousands. Mayweather’s heated reaction has been hailed as justified by his fans, but Fif cracked jokes about the champion boxer’s facial hair.