40 Cal's Missing Daughter Believed To Have Taken Her Own Life: Report

After over a week of endless searching for 19-year-old Saniyya Dennis, her family has been hit with devastating news. The Hip Hop community gathered together to help spread awareness about rapper 40 Cal’s missing daughter by sharing posts, photos, and helping to pass out flyers. Saniyya’s loved ones have openly criticized the initial launch of the investigation as they claimed that authorities weren’t doing enough to locate the SUNY Buffalo State College student.

Saniyya has been described as being a responsible honor student who received a full scholarship to college. The ongoing investigation has caused Erie County District Attorney John Flynn to conclude, as he shared in his press conference on Thursday (May 6) morning, that Saniyya may have taken her own life.

On the evening of her disappearance, Saniyya reportedly got into an argument with her boyfriend who lived in New York City. He broke up with her, and she called a friend in the city to talk about the fight. She then called her ex over 50 times, but he didn’t answer. She reportedly texted him, “I’m not feeling good, I think I’m going to kill myself,” and “I’m so done with my own life I’ve had enough.” The ex-boyfriend never responded to her messages.

After leaving campus and arriving at Niagra Falls via bus in the middle of the night, authorities claim Saniyya texted a friend. “I’m sorry I lied. I will not be joining you this…

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