NLE Choppa Gets Into Huge Fist Fight On Video: Watch

NLE Choppa might have changed up his act for the cameras, preaching a more spiritual lifestyle and showing off the vegetable garden he’s been growing in his backyard but behind the scenes, he’s still getting into violent fights. The 18-year-old rapper was recently spotted getting into a physical altercation in Venice Beach, getting caught on video as his entourage beat up a man in a massive brawl.

Walking by the beach, the rapper and his friends seemingly got into an argument with another man, which turned violent quickly. As seen in the video, a man was stopped with his scooter on the pedestrian path before getting into a situation with the 18-year-old rapper and his crew. Choppa was seen trying to get around his security to throw a punch before the entire gang beat down on the man, who was alone. Witnesses stood by and watched as many yelled at the group to stop throwing punches, claiming it was unfair. It isn’t clear what started the fight.