Drake's Vintage Birdhouse Hoodie Sparks Tony Hawk Re-Release As "Degrassi Hoodie"

After a day of chaos in the fashion and skate world, it appears Drake’s $350 USD vintage alpine-green Birdhouse hoodie is legit. The ’90s-born hoodie became the topic of conversation after the Canadian rapper was photographed in the rare piece of clothing, to the point where Birdhouse Skateboards founder and skate icon Tony Hawk actually called it out for being fake. 

The original seller, @paul_doesnt_exist, released a statement on Instagram after Hawk’s claim, and showed proof confirming the hoodie to be an original from the Birdhouse collection in the early to mid ’90s. He admitted that it’s understandable that some would think the item was a dupe considering the fact that he had to replace the hoodie’s drawstring. 

He also confirmed that Drake paid him a large amount of money for “clothes he no longer wanted,” and shamed people for spreading false information. “I’m just confused why Tony Hawk posted on his story saying it’s bootleg. It’s totally not a fake hoodie, look at the tag. That item is clearly 100% authentic. I don’t understand why individuals love to spread false information. Maybe people think it’s “bootleg” because it has a replacement drawstring?,” he wrote in his IG caption.

In response to this whole debacle, Hawk decided to offer up a troll. The hoodie was renamed the “Degrassi Hooded Sweatshirt,” and is once again available for purchase on the Birdhouse Skateboards website (well, it’s actually already sold out), referencing Drake’s breakout role as Jimmy Brooks in the teen drama Read the full article here

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